How to live longer than 100 years

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With every new day, the lifespan (live longer) of a human being continues shrinking, however, it is also in the same world that Mzee Melchizedek Kalikwani recently celebrated his 110th birthday.

According to the Nile Post, the resident of Iganga in Uganda was born on August 19, 1913, meaning he has reached a milestone very few achieve.

Secrets to Mzee Kalikwani’s (110) extended life

Avoid over-use of alcohol

One of the secrets, he says, is that he abstained from alcohol, a decision that was influenced by his parents since he was a young boy.

This shielded him from falling into the different pitfalls associated with constant drinking.

Avoid toxic relationships

The old man also revealed that he has always avoided peer pressure and wrong friends since his days as a youth, which means he didn’t engage in things like fighting.

Eat wholesome food

That is not all, as Mzee Kalikwani is keen on his diet which encompasses wholesome foods like posho, porridge, potatoes, and matooke.

Be grateful to God

He admitted that he is forever thankful to God for the gift of life, adding that he was hoping for more years as faith in God has played a role in his prolonged existence.

Having enjoyed his years to the fullest, the centenarian advised youths to stay clear of disruptive relationships and prioritise their well-being.

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