Hyundai Opens $51.4M World-Class Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory

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Hyundai Motor North America (HMNA) and Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc., (HATCI) recently celebrated the opening of their $51.4 million Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory (STIL) at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Superior Township, Mich.

The event highlighted the capabilities and uniqueness of the new world-class safety laboratory that will help enhance the safety of Hyundai vehicles.

The STIL, supported by 160 employees, is planned to be operational by mid-October 2023.

The participants called it a proud day for Hyundai Motor North America.

The brand recognized the importance of expanding its hands-on field safety evaluation and investigation processes to help ensure the safety of teeming customers.

The Hyunda team strives to be a leader in automotive safety.

State of Michigan Representative Jason Morgan (D-Ann Arbor) said the follwing…

“Hyundai’s new Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory in Superior Township marks a significant investment in lowering traffic fatalities, increasing vehicle safety, and making communities around Michigan and the United States safer. Michigan has been and will continue to be a leader in automobile technology as we transition to clean-energy electric vehicles.”

The new safety facility is a first of its kind by an OEM in North America that is dedicated to field safety. It is focused on enhancing Hyundai’s safety commitment by helping with new technology development, identifying, and replicating vehicle field issues, expediting investigations, and conducting regulatory safety testing. IBI Group and BCCG were responsible for the architectural design and construction of the building.

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