Is living in Canada hard? Learn how to live life

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The person who gives the following suggestions has been in Canada for quite a while. It appears he came in to the country in 1974. He said he think he’s the right person to tell the possible reasons why you might be feeling it’s hard to live in Canada and he gives some solutions.

Coming to the “hard to stay here part”, below ones can be possible reasons

  • If you arrived as an immigrant you will be little hesitant, or have some sort of insecurity like “what to say and what not to say” or “how to behave”. You might be taking a hit because of that.
  • Don’t have people to talk to or don’t have anyone helping in getting adapted.
  • Missing your loved ones a lot.
  • The food! Yeah, food also can make you homesick.
  • Finally, in the west, people are not so social but in India, the place where I come from, even if you are introvert others around will not leave you alone in most cases. So you always have someone around to hang out. That’s a big change.

But what can you do about it?

  • Try friendship with like-minded people and go explore places.
  • Keep yourself occupied. For example, cooking helps (Before having any friends I used to cook a lot and cooking actually helped me with depression ROFL).
  • What’s the objective of coming here? Studying? Maybe put heart and soul into that.
  • Try to join social groups but don’t change yourself by acquiring habits in order to just fit in.
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If you don’t have an objective, no purpose, not able to make friends then you should move to some other place (still inside Canada) where you feel like you belong. That takes only a little effort.

Whatever it is, he says — “You are not in Canada to survive, you are here to live life!”

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