Biggest dating deal breakers

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Honestly I’d say one of my biggest dating deal breakers is people who have terrible time management skills

You know it’s one thing if you have constantly run into issues or have an on-call job or something like that that actually justifies an unclear schedule but when you work basically the same shift every day the same off days every week You are more than capable of planning crap ahead of time and setting up some alarms or something so you don’t forget

Honestly don’t think this is one I’m ever going to get rid of. Even just among friends people having really poor time management skills has been such a pet peeve of mine. You know even ignoring the more emotional aspects like how I feel it shows a lack of care for the person you are going to spend time with. It’s also just a nuisance to everyone involved

Let’s say for example me and another friend plan to go to a restaurant at the same time.

Now what is that entail. I have planned that specific time to be free, and have planned out roughly when that will end too. and have specifically cleared our schedules for that time

So now it’s about an hour and a half before the event is supposed to happen and I’m already getting ready. Getting dressed getting a shower and probably cleaning myself up a little more than I usually do on just an average day at work or whatever

Then afterwards I am now taking the time to drive or otherwise commute to the location we meant to meet up at

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And then I get there and wait for way too long only to basically finally just have to come to the conclusion that you decided not to show up so I go home and basically have nothing to do now because I specifically cleared that part of my schedule and told everyone I was going to be busy at that time and so now they are busy with their other crap And so can’t spend time with me because they thought I was going to be busy at this time

And it becomes a cascading hell of basically ruining half a day all because you didn’t have the guts to just message me and say hey I don’t feel like going today

This is why it’s such a big deal to me If You aren’t willing to give me the basic respect of informing me of stuff like this then I can’t imagine you’re going to respect more serious aspects of our relationship

You know I value honesty. I didn’t say brutal honesty because it doesn’t need to be brutal. I just want real genuine honesty. If you don’t want to go just f*cking call me that morning and say hey I don’t really feel in the mood to go do that thing with you today anymore let’s cancel/reschedule

And I’ll be much more appreciative than if I have to find this out when you don’t show up after I’ve been f*cking waiting for you for like 20 goddamn minutes at the location we were going to meet at

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