The Next Crypto Bull Run could be the greatest transfer of wealth ever

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This article posted on 20th Sept. 2023 claims that the next crypto bull run will be like nothing we’ve seen on earth. The transfer of wealth will be so great.
The crypto market is a weird one that has no rules and as such, can be shaken at any time.
There have been constant asset prices traveling sideways for the better part of 2023. Nevertheless, hope in the vision of the Federal Reserve’s mythical “soft” landing, combined with the upcoming Bitcoin halving, has the online community salivating at the prospect of many life-changing opportunities that could be within reach soon.

However, note that with greed in the air, it would be foolish to ignore the difference in the landscape as the market sentiment shifts.

Whether it’s the likes of BlackRock looking to issue ETFs to commercialize crypto exposure, corporate adoption, multiple IPOs, the rise of artificial intelligence or the attempted onslaught of regulation, there hasn’t ever been this much discourse around the digital asset class.

That’s exactly why you need to know three key things to capitalize on what’s to come.

To know these three things, click here.

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