Cardi B & Offset: Nothing weird happened on the livestream

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Offset was a guest on Kai Cenat’s recent 24 hour stream, and he had to steal some time to get some sleep during the stream. He was exposed by everyone else there for not being able to stay up the full 24 hours when he retreated to one of the bedrooms in Kai Cenat’s house to get some rest.

However, viewers speculated that Offset was doing a bit more than just sleeping during the stream and that he was being unfaithful to Cardi B. Maybe those were Cardi’s fans – we can’t tell.

Kai Cenat and Cardi B were quick to shut down these rumors and back up Offset, saying that Cenat’s viewers were “embarrassing” for taking clips out of context.

Furthermore, some viewers still believe that Offset was being unfaithful to Cardi B.

These rumors were started by a video that was put together by some of Cenat’s viewers showing Offset’s actions during the stream.

The video depicts Offset conversating with someone off-camera before going upstairs and disappearing for 40 minutes, leading some to believe that the rapper cheated on Cardi B during Kai Cenat’s livestream.

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