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What blessings come from showing love to others?

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How can prayer help us to grow in our love for God?

Our love for Jehovah grows when we regularly open up our heart to him in prayer. In turn, he will answer our prayers. Sister Khanh confirms it, saying her love for Jehovah was first based on knowledge, and it deepened as she saw how Jehovah answered her prayers.

How did Anna and her husband express the love they felt for their brothers and sisters?

Sister Anna and her husband gave practical help to a family that experienced a severe storm. When they discovered that the roof of the family’s house had caved in, and the family had no clean clothes, she and her husband took their clothes, washed them, and returned them ironed and folded. That was the beginning of a long time friendship between the two families.

How did love motivate a brother named Christian to qualify again as an elder?

Brother Christian was disappointed when he was deleted as an elder. But the determination to do all that he could to serve Jehovah out of love​—with or without certain privileges, paid off. He said he was a little apprehensive to serve again. But decided to serve as elder again because of his mercy, he would do it because of his love for Jehovah and for my brothers and sisters.

Who else will benefit when we show love?

We ourselves benefit a great deal when we show love to others.

Jonathan, who didn’t love the ministry confirms it. He agreed to work with pioneer in the fields service. He said as he listened to the pioneer’s way of teaching and saw how fruitful his ministry was, it stirred in him a real love for preaching the good news. In his own words, “I also gained a great friend who helped me to grow spiritually, to enjoy the ministry, and to draw closer to Jehovah.” So sometimes when we show love to others, we ourselves benefit mostly.

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What blessings come from showing love to others?

Showing love to others help us to build a stronger relationship with one another. Most importantly, we ourselves will benefit when we show love to others.

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