Here’s a cool advice if you want to buy Bitcoin mining stock

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Did you know? There are pros and cons to investing in an ETF specializing in Bitcoin mining stocks.

Bitcoin (BTC -0.41%) mining companies are some of the best-performing stocks of the year. Top Bitcoin miner Riot Platforms (RIOT -0.44%) is up a dizzying 172% year to date.

Good news for those on Marathon Digital Holdings because it has gained 153%. And shares of eco-friendly Bitcoin miner CleanSpark is up by a head-turning 92%.

So it’s no surprise that investors are scooping up these mining stocks as a way to pump up their portfolio returns.

But there might be a better way to get access to the Bitcoin mining sector. Learn how to get it done properly.

Sometimes, it may just be okay to look for firms that does fund invests 80% of its net assets in companies that derive at least one-half of their revenue or profits from Bitcoin mining, or that provide specialized chips, hardware, software, and services to Bitcoin mining companies.

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