Do all Nigerians live in huts? – A Reddit Question

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ARRGH! Don’t know how to start answering this question but I’ll start by posting couple of pictures.

(I believe the person who put everything together below isn’t a Nigerian, so he or she is in a better position to tell the story without bias)

Probably the house of a rich celebrity

Another beautiful house in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria maybe owned by a politician who cares.

I love this one particularly. I wanna buy a mighty mansion for my mom. Love her dearly.

We are very religious. We even built a national church for God. It’s beautiful right?

Oh and the central mosque, we don’t discriminate religions that are mainstream. Except the traditional religions have no national building…

That’s not the gate to some forest reserve…actually it’s the gate of the school I graduated from, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti. Built on a vast land with massive forest reserve actually. Yeah forest reserve. LOL. 😅😅

Oh and another beautiful church here in Lagos State, CMS located at Marina on the Islands.

Not yet completed Eko Atlantic City. Wow…you might ask if this is Nigeria your presumed “Shit hole” or Dubai rip-off. Anyway it’s a beautiful architecture still under construction in Lagos state built on top of the Atlantic ocean.

This is Victoria Island, its beautiful right. Looks like Italy actually and might make you wonder why Nigerians still struggle to pass through the wasteland Libya just to get through to Europe.

A beautiful Nigerian. She’s mixed though but she’s Nigerian. She’s a musician by the way. Vanila Lu. Isn’t she beautiful. Im a fan.

Sort of like this. You can see the genuine beauty. She’s probably a Northerner and you should visit Northern Nigeria sometimes later because the place is ridden with beautiful people and rich in great cultures.

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But then you might also be welcomed by scary views of real Huts and Almajiris (Non-western Islamic pupils) with tattered clothes and their plates begging you for food. Feed them if you can. Else just walk away and explore the country filled with both rich and poor people alike.

Now on to the down side…a typical Lagos traffic gridlock due to poorly maintained roads. This event happened just 2 weeks ago. It was a crazy gridlock caused by NOTHING.

This is the first lady of a state. She came all the way to commission this project. How thoughtful of her.

She’s such a generous woman. Look what she had commissioned. She’s a blessing to the people of her state to even think about this kind of initiative.

Look at these beautiful kids. They’re the future of tomorrow. But most of them are born into abject poverty but they still smile even though.

Anyway my point is that there are two sides of a coin. There is the urban and then the rural. All Nigerians don’t live in huts. Of course some people do especially in the northern part due to poverty. But generally, some Nigerians are well off in the middle class while some are right above the middle class and wallows in millions of Naira (Nigerian currency). Another fact is that Nigeria is still developing and poverty level is reducing (though I don’t have any statistics to back that claim up)

Thanks for the question. I hope I helped clarify things a little.

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