Why is human reasoning a snare?

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What efforts do we make to live by Jehovah’s high moral standards?

We must acknowledge and live by Jehovah’s high moral standards. As Col. 3:5 says, we must “deaden” our body members​—that is, to take strong measures in order to eliminate wrong fleshly desires. We not look at or do anything that could lead to sexual immorality. When we are tempted to do wrong, we immediately reject any thought or action that could damage our friendship with God.

How does Satan use persecution in an effort to weaken our resolve?

The Devil uses physical and emotional attacks in an effort to weaken our resolve. He often look for ways to destroy our precious relationship with Jehovah. For example, Christians in the first century were threatened, beaten, and killed because of their determination to stand firm. The brutal treatment of our brothers and sisters in Russia and other countries are evidences that the Devil is still using the same weapons against Jehovah’s servants.

Why is human reasoning a snare?

Human reasoning often leaves out Jehovah and his standards. That’s why the bible said “The wisdom of this world” is foolishness that often appeals to fleshly desires.

A snare is a trap and if we allow ourselves to be trapped, we may become like a few Christians in Pergamum and Thyatira who adopted the idolatrous and immoral views common in those cities. They got strong counsel from Jesus for their toleration of sexual immorality.

Today, some people who think they are well-meaning may claim that giving in to our desires does not matter and that the Bible’s moral standards are outdated. However, we know the dangers and the results if we succumb to human reasoning.

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How does Satan promote “empty deception”?

In the first century, Satan included philosophies based on human reasonings, unscriptural Jewish teachings, and the teaching that Christians must observe the Mosaic Law. These were deceptions because they took people’s attention away from the true Source of wisdom, Jehovah.

Today, Satan uses the media and social networks to spread conspiracy theories and false news reports promoted by political leaders. Jehovah’s Witnesses shielded themselves from the effect of listened to misleading information. We escaped the undue anxieties experienced by people who acted on false information.

What is one thing that can help us remain firm on Jehovah’s side?

Reflecting on our dedication and baptism.

What can we learn from Bob’s experience?

1. One thing that helps us to succeed is the desire we have to make Jehovah happy.

3. We must continue to feed on spiritual food both from the Bible and Bible-based publications. Bob wouldn’t have been well informed if he did study what the Bible and our Bible-based publications say about the sanctity of life and blood.

3. We should be convinced that following Jehovah’s direction would bring lasting benefits.

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