Bisimoto to Electrify Drag Racing

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Lately, Bisimoto has entered into a new partnership to enhance the world of drag racing.

The world of drag racing is about to experience a jolt of electric excitement as Bisi Ezerioha, also known as Bisimoto, returns to drag racing at the wheel of a 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid on a mission to dominate the drag strip.

How sure is that?

In this electrifying endeavor, he is making use of the expertise of Unplugged Performance, the frontrunners in Tesla modification, to maximize the performance of his electric powerhouse.

The partnership kicks off with massive strength… Unplugged Performance-supplied staggered 20″ UP-03 lightweight forged wheels, for which Bisi paired with 305-wide Toyo R888R tires in the rear and 275 in the front.

Unplugged Performance has also provided their billet adjustable rear camber and toe arms to nicely dial the alignment for optimized traction. This comes along with their tow hitch kit, and a specially designed parachute mount that anyone would admire.

That is pretty much in harmony with the requirement of the NHRA and IHRA for cars that exceed 150 mph in the quarter mile.

We have learned that this dynamic partnership between Bisimoto and Unplugged Performance is just the beginning because there’s so much more fans can enjoy.

The duo plans to team up further on product development in a bid to further enhance the drag racing capabilities of the Model S Plaid.

Bisimoto will be documenting every step of this electrifying journey so that interested individuals will be able to keep their tabs on every progress made.

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Racing enthusiasts and electric vehicle aficionados alike can follow this captivating journey on Bisimoto’s YouTube and Instagram channels.

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