Season 10 of When Calls the Heart ends; What next?

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According arts and entertainments watchers, the Season 10 of When Calls the Heart ended on a major cliffhanger. They say that because love and lives hang in the balance.

Now, Star Erin Krakow is breaking down the emotional finale and giving fans hope for season 11.

It is claimed that Season 10 of When Calls the Heart proved to be a rollercoaster.

A look at the next episode 11 sees beloved school teacher Elizabeth Thornton (Krakow) was in tears as she came to terms with her true feelings, and respectfully broke off her engagement to Lucas (Chris McNally) just as they were set to hit the campaign trail in Capital City.

Reflecting on the ending of Elizbeth’s relationship with Lucas, and the burgeoning spark of romance between her and Nathan, Krakow said she thinks it’s a really good authentic, challenging, emotional story. And it may be tough on some of their fans, but what according to her, what she really appreciate about it is it’s a story of two people who still have a very deep love for one another.

Going on, she said she thinks that they were just being true to what was in their hearts, and maybe people can’t argue with that.

She added “They are being true to their authentic self, so, I mean, I think it was the right move.”

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