Video: Listen to rap veterans Fabolous, Bow Wow, others bare their minds on the genre

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Fabolous has admitted that top-tier lyricism is a little harder to find in Hip Hop today, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone.

“I think it’s still here, in a sense. It’s just not always pushed to the forefront,” Fab said. “I think people need to hear lyrics that push them, that inspire them, create memories to. They need those. Every song can’t just be party, turn up. You need something that gives you…”

“Balance,” Big Tigger responded, before Fab added: “We’re getting [lyricism] in little spurts.”

He referenced an earlier part of the conversation where the panel members (Tigger, Fab, Bow Wow, Kenny Burns, and DJ Jelly) spoke about “what’s getting pushed and who’s pushing it,” and that those decisions account for why lyrical rappers don’t always get the biggest commercial looks.

“But I believe [lyricism is] here and I believe even now, the audience has the power to research it,” Fab conlcuded. “They could search online, they could find those guys.”

Also, listen to what other rappers had to say…

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