This is abuse, fans react after Kanye West gives wife conditions

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Kanye West is remarried, and with that came some shocking revelations about the singer.

Kanye West, 46, is known to be used to causing a stir, not just with his comments but also with his behavior.

Now, in the event of his tying the knot after about a year, the alleged treatment of his wife, 28-year-old Australian architect Bianca Censori, is the latest thing to grab the headlines.

Kanye and Bianca tied the knot in a private ceremony in December 2022, just one month after West finalized his divorce from his ex wife.

The Daily Mail reported that they used a “confidential marriage license.”

According to reports, the “Eazy” rapper allegedly has a long list of rules for his wife to follow, including instructing her to “never speak,” and dictating what she can eat and what she can wear.

Of course, everything that has been reported is a rumor and not confirmed, but many people on the internet firmly believe it based on his past behavior.

The full information will soon be out.

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