Rumor: Welcome Apple’s MacBook Pro and iMac for October refresh

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Bloomberg just pointed towards limited stocks of 13, 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro in its “Power On” hardware-focused newsletter. Both online and in Apple stores, the company says that these are also likely in for a hardware fresh.

The analyst believes that the fact many of these higher-end MacBook models aren’t set to ship until mid-November is a “clear sign” that something is set to change. And here we go again!

According to the predictions, the announcement may take place as soon as Monday, 30 October or Tuesday, 31 October. Probably, that’s a good thing for those who likely wants this refresh to happen as soon as possible.

This means the announcement would fall just a few days before the tech giant’s earnings call, one the most important dates of the year for its investor’s share price, a time for us to also get to know more on where the company stands when it comes to finance.

However, despite predicting a revamp, the sources claim that your iMac experience is still likely to remain largely the same.


They think that we’re set just to see “minor improvements to displays” and faster processors. The faster processor side is a good thing for people who want faster everything on their devices.

However, MacBook fans may have to wait until the new iMac Pro in 2025 or the new MacBook Pros featuring OLED screens in 2026 if they want a truly updated experience according to predictions. That may be somewhat late for a few fans.

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Outside of the Mac world, Apple aficionados will soon have tons of new choices on their hands.

Good luck with that.

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