Nimo Operating System (Nimo OS) and Nimo Core compact computer out now

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Nimo Planet Inc. today just released its Nimo Operating System (Nimo OS) and Nimo Core compact computer, that along with its Nimo Glass, completes the company’s hyper-portable spatial computing system.

These components combine to bring a personalized, multi-screen expansive workspace experience to today’s hybrid workforce and even beyond.

Better than anything else, Nimo Planet’s technology is equipping the modern workforce with the same luxuries of a multi-monitor setup in a desk-free form factor.

The company now offers proprietary hardware and software that deliver a power-user experience for productivity applications through a pocket-size compute device and a virtual, private display.

It will interest you to know that Nimo Planet founder and chief executive officer Rohildev Nattukallingal conceptualized the system after finding usability and portability of existing smart devices limiting.

Here’s the statement released by the company:

“The common complaint from professionals that work across multiple locations, often daily, is having to routinely compromise their workspace and productivity when juggling devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. The current solutions for mobile computing limit our ability to stay efficient, organized and comfortable while on the go. Nimo is deploying spatial computing in a unique and streamlined way to change this model, providing an enterprise-class workspace that fits in your pocket.”

Portable Design so anyone can carry it around

Nimo Core’s compact form factor is 63mm in width, 43mm in length, and 23mm in thickness. However, it is its power to systematically optimize performance and battery life, and minimizes heat generation, ensuring the device remains comfortable during multitasking that is endearing to user.

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User-centric design

Nimo Core incorporates a user-centric design with a trackpad and Air Mouse. There’s also a handheld pointing device, that facilitate access to common desktop productivity applications available on Nimo OS.

The system makes possible simple navigation of popular workplace applications and customized screen adjustments. Furthermore, it supports input devices like a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and trackpad.

Nimo believes that as workers and businesses continue to operate in diverse settings, it is ensuring full suite workstations are available with ease and utility no matter where work takes place.

That’s in accordance with the following statement:

“Nimo Core, Nimo OS and Nimo Glass together enable work in versatile environments that transcends physical space limitations — an ideal solution for taking a large office setup with you or expanding a small desk space. The system allows highly productive employees to pack light and turn anywhere into the ideal interactive workspace.”

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