Volvo Cars prepares to build EX30 small SUV

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Volvo Cars company is responding to strong demand for the electric Volvo EX30 car. As such, it has decided that it will start building the new fully electric Volvo EX30 in its Ghent plant in Belgium as from 2025. That will expand production capacity for its celebrated small SUV.

The EX30 was revealed earlier in 2023 to almost universal acclaim and has already won several major awards. It’s holding ‘The Sun Car of the Year’ and ‘The Small SUV/Crossover of the Year’ award from the Sunday Times.

Production of the EX30 began earlier this fall in Zhangjiakou, China and the first cars will soon reach customers later before this year ends.

Now, building the car in Ghent boosts production capacity for the expected EX30 demand in Europe as well as for global export, and reflects Volvo Cars’ ambition to build its cars where it sells them as much as possible.

The company expects this electric to be one of its best-selling models in coming years. At the current time, Volvo Cars builds its top-selling XC60 and XC40 SUVs in both Europe and China.

However, its ambition is to sell the EX30 around the world at an attractive price point, easing the transition to driving an electric Volvo car for more people while also contributing to company margins.

Adding production in Ghent is a logical move as the company aims to capture the strong demand for its exciting small electric SUV across the globe.

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