Tech driving video game automation – the use of AI

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Video game automation is a complex tapestry woven from various technological threads that work together to create, test, and evolve the gaming environments we enjoy today.

But how do these innovations contribute to the experiences of both players and developers?

Artificial Intelligence making games more unpredictable

At the heart of video game automation lies artificial intelligence (AI). It is the master puppeteer animating the characters and elements with which people interact.

AI in gaming goes beyond merely responding to player input, as it involves creating responsive, adaptive, and unpredictable environments. This dynamic is particularly evident in non-player characters (NPCs) and enemy behavior.

Accordingly, AI-powered video game automation encompasses algorithms that drive individual entity behaviors, learning player patterns, and adapting to them to provide a challenge in a continuous manner.

For example, in a strategy game, AI can learn a player’s tactics and counter them uniquely each time, making gameplay more engaging and less predictable. When it is less predictable, it is close to unforeseen circumstances we come across in real life.

Compare the situation to having a chess opponent that recognizes your favorite openings and starts countering them, forcing you to be more creative in subsequent games.

Scientists are still learning how to use AI to promote the field of video game automation.

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