Here are the German automakers that will skip 2024 Geneva Auto show

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German automakers are making it known that they will skip next year’s Geneva auto show, which is a blow for the event that is being revived after a four-year absence.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen brand will not have a presence at the show, spokespeople for the companies told Automotive News Europe sister publication Automobilwoche.

They made short statements regarding their resolve:

“After careful consideration, Mercedes-Benz will not participate in the 2024 Geneva Motor Show,” a Mercedes spokesperson said.

Audi made a similar statement: “We won’t be there in 2024. But this is not a general decision against Geneva,” it said.

BMW will not be at the show after reorganizing its event marketing activities in a “social first” approach that will make more use of social media platforms and live streaming.

“We have added our own new formats, such as NextGen, while phasing out some existing formats,” a spokesperson said. “This includes appearances in Geneva, Paris and Detroit. That’s why we won’t be in Geneva in 2024.”

Other auto companies have not yet made a decision on whether to be at Geneva. But the probability of participation was low, sources at the brands said. However, auto enthusiasts wait to see how things pan out.

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