U.S steps up power to govern AI safety

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An order from President Biden requires Artificial Intelligence (AI) developers to share safety results.

It places the US at the centre of the global debate as soon as it hints the order of AI governance.

In a assertion, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed said the US had issued “the strongest set of events any meting out in the world has ever taken approaching AI safety, security, and trust”.

The measures include

  • Creating new safety and security standards for AI, including measures that require AI companies to share safety test results with the federal government
  • Protecting consumer privacy, by creating guidelines that agencies can use to evaluate privacy techniques used in AI
  • Helping to stop AI algorithms discriminate and creating best practices on the appropriate role of AI in the justice system
  • Creating a program to evaluate potentially harmful AI related healthcare practices and creating resources on how educators can responsibly use AI tools
  • Working with international partners to implement AI standards around the world.

The Biden administration is moreover taking steps to beef up its AI workforce. From today, workers in the AI completion can find relevant job openings in the federal government arena.

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