OpenAI & Startups Using Its Tech to Build Products

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OpenAI, one of the forerunners in the ongoing AI race is building on the immense popularity of its AI chatbot ChatGPT to gain a tremendous amount of influence in the burgeoning industry.

Just recently, the company sent out a clear message to other startups in its ecosystem: if they’re using OpenAI’s products to make money, the company might soon rip the rug out from under their feet.

In addition, OpenAI released a new update to ChatGPT over the weekend that allows subscribers to upload PDFs to ChatGPT Plus, so that the chatbot can summarize their content.

That’s a big useful opportunity to office workers who are saddled with poring over endless PDFs, Insider points out that the move is a death stroke for businesses that have built products that use OpenAI’s system to help customers process PDFs.

Now, we know that Big Tech’s decisions can easily vaporize smaller players in the industry — perhaps more so than ever in the ever-shifting field of AI entrepreneurship.

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