We can look forward to a better future where our problems will be gone

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U: Thank you coming with me thus far in the study. Before we call it a day, lets take section 1 review: What appeals to you about the Bible’s promises for the future? Our attention is drawn to lesson 2.

HH: I find it encouraging that I can look forward to a better future where our problems will be gone. When I read scriptures like Revelation 21 vs 4, I’m thrilled and happy that I can see my dead loved ones again in a world without pain and suffering.

U: Good. That leads to the next question… Why do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God?

HH: I believe it is God’s word because only he can foretell evens spanning thousands of years accurately. Even when the Bible touches on scientific matters, it is always true even though it was written thousands of years ago. Only God can do that.

U: Thanks. Which bible verse can you use to support your belief that the Bible is God’s word?

HH: 2 Timothy 3 vs 16, which says in part All Scripture is inspired of God…

U: Exactly. Now, Why is it important to use Jehovah’s name?

HH: Romans 10 vs 13 says For “everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved.” I want to be saved, so I make use of the name. Secondly, Jehovah wants us to use his name.

U: Hmmm Good. Have you really been using God’s name? How often?

HH: I use God’s name every day.

U: Please keep it up. The Bible says that God is “the source of life.” Do you believe that?

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HH: Yes I do.

U: In the course of studying Psalm 36:9 what convinces you that Jehovah is the source of life?

HH: The Bible says With you is the source of life, which means Jehovah is the giver of life.

U: Does that not give us a good reason to fear and worship Jehovah? It does. Please read Proverbs 3:32. After you read, we’ll answer two questions below:

Why is Jehovah the best Friend we can have?

HH: He is because he is never going to treat us badly. He always cares for us, as I read in Psalm 94:18, 19, he will always comfort those going through hard times.

What does Jehovah expect of his friends? Do you think this is reasonable?
HH: He is holy and as the scripture says, he only makes friends with those who are upright. So, Jehovah expects us to be righteous in our dealings. It is reasonable because he himself is the epitome of holiness or righteousness.

U: This is an encouraging lesson for us to be truthful, loyal, and honest, isn’t it? When we imitate Jehovah, we too can relate well with those who love him.

Let’s now go to another aspect: Doing God’s will.

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