Grand Theft Auto VI coming soon – Rockstar Games

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In the news today, Rockstar Games confirmed it is ready to show off a trailer meant for fans of Grand Theft Auto to see December 2023.

The firm plans to introduce Grad Theft Auto VI in open-world franchise before this week runs out.

Bloomberg has confirmed it too, saying a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI will drop next month as a way to mark the 25th year of Rockstar Games.

In the beginning

It was early last year that Rockstar first confirmed the effort the team has put into the work. At that time, the team said the project was almost done as it was well under way.

According to what we’ve heard, the project will spearhead the first female protagonist, influenced by Bonnie and Clyde.

Also, it’s important to note that Grand Theft Auto VI will be set in a fictionalized version of Miami, Vice City.

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