Kendrick Lamar’s anti-smart phone sells out in less than 1 hour!

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Pulitzer Prize winning American rapper and songwriter, Kendrick Lamar has entered the tech space with a collaboration on the pgLang Light Phone 2. This is a limited edition mobile phone developed through Dave Free’s company and the technology company Light.

The phrase “just a phone”, is used to market the phone. It is a less distracting alternative to other modern designs – part of the trend that sees more mainstream support for “dumb phones”, which are less smart and more practical devices.

Surprisingly, this anti-smart phone has no web browser. You can call, text and set an alarm. You can also use add-on tools that include a music player, notes, a calculator, directions, and a “language” tool that acts as a magic 8-ball. Users are invited to ask the pared-down phone a question and shake it to find out an answer.


The phone sold out in a matter of minutes, according to reports. Hardly surprising considering the 36-year-old rapper’s clout, and the fact that the phones were restricted to just 250 models.

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