Vlogger on fire for cooking 90-kg alligator

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A Chinese food vlogger sparked the ire of social media users after posting a video on Douyin that demonstrated how to kill and cook a 90-kg alligator.

It was a three-minute video posted by “Chu Niang Xiao He.”

In the video, she demonstrates the process of washing, gutting, skinning and deboning the alligator to prepare a variety of dishes. The video generated a wave of negative criticism on animal cruelty.

However, the vlogger defended her actions, saying that the alligator in the video was artificially bred for the leather industry. A news source in China reported this.

According to reports, these artificially-bred alligators are raised specially for leather and handbag companies. This is their mission.

Many Chinese netizens have expressed their anger after watching the video.

“Your action made me feel terrible,” one commented.

“Oh my god, how dare you kill such a big alligator,” another user wrote.

“I’m really afraid of you,” another user noted.

Even the video-sharing platform Douyin has also been criticized for allowing the video to be posted.

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