12 Japanese Cars Lasting 200K Miles+

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According to the experts, cars are now lasting longer than they’re built. While vehicles from the 1970s tended to conk out after about 100,000 miles, today’s models can double that and go beyond.

Japan’s car manufacturers do more than their American and European competitors by miles when it comes to reliability.

There are many U.S. vehicles that have potential lifespans that surpass 200,000 miles, the models that drive the farthest tend to be Japanese.

In the list below, you’ll see 12 Japanese cars that last 200K miles and beyond, according to iSeeCars:

Toyota Sequoia — 296,509 miles

Toyota Land Cruiser — 280,236 miles

Toyota Tundra — 256,732 miles

Toyota Prius — 250,601 miles

Honda Ridgeline — 248,669 miles

Toyota Avalon — 245,710 miles

Toyota Highlander Hybrid — 244,994 miles

Toyota 4 Runner — 244,665 miles

Toyota Sienna — 239,607 miles

Honda Pilot — 236,807 miles

Honda Odyssey — 235,852 miles

Toyota Tacoma — 235,070 miles

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