Business Owner’s Policy Insurance (BOP)- Tip

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Business: What Is BOP Insurance?

Business owners insurance, or BOP, combines liability insurance with property insurance and business interruption insurance into one package, which is widely sold by many insurance agents who handle commercial sales. For convenience and savings, it’s a popular one-stop insurance option for many small businesses and some mid-size businesses. A majority of restaurants, retail stores and contractors have BOP insurance.

If elected, a BOP policy may include crime insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance and other added coverages. If you have a restaurant for instance, you may elect to insure against spoilage of merchandise (food). If you’re a tech company, you may want to insure your computer equipment. Perils you can also insure yourself against include forgery, mechanical breakdown, and more.

Each business is unique, so make sure you’re working with a good insurance agent when electing the appropriate coverages for your specific firm.

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