Germany creates 20 in-demand jobs – work visa for foreign talents

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There are sectors in Germany that now lack enough experts. In view of this,  The country has created the following 20 job categories for those who are willing to relocate.

The shortages in the job market are especially pronounced in these specific sectors:

  • Agriculture: Livestock production, forestry, and horticulture are witnessing a lack of skilled workers, particularly in roles such as livestock production, forestry technicians, and specialized horticulturists.
  • Construction: Various trades within the construction industry, including metalworking, automation, surveying, scaffolding, interior construction, glazing, pipeline construction, and plant, container, and apparatus construction, are facing a deficit of workers.
  • Transportation: The transportation sector is also grappling with a shortage of labour, particularly in roles related to freight forwarding, logistics, and drivers for earthmoving machinery.

Though the three categories mentioned above here are adversely affected when it comes to having experts work in the industries.

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