Bybit, DMCC completes groundbreaking hackathon

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Bybit, the third largest crypto exchange in the world by volume, in cooperation with DMCC crypto center, successfully completed a groundbreaking hackathon that boosted Web3 innovation in Dubai.

The collaboration between Bybit and DMCC, announced in June in Dubai to promote mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and Web3, culminated in the largest hackathon in the MENA region.

A $110,000 prize pool dedicated to the development of crypto-innovations within the Web3 ecosystem was available at the event, marking a significant milestone in the partnership between these companies.

MENA’s Largest Hackathon in the UAE: Three Winners with Web3-Improving Inventions MENA’s Largest Hackathon in the UAE: Three Winners with Web3-Improving Inventions During the final stage of the hackathon, ten pioneering teams presented their disruptive innovations in various areas of blockchain, including GameFi, decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3 infrastructure, NFTs for Web3 Education, and sustainable blockchain solutions.

The result of the competition was three excellent projects that took the top places. The winners were: This year’s UAE Crypto Innovation Challenge is the platform, a pioneering solution that is revolutionizing the valuation of emerging asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs.

By combining expert financial research with top-notch ML modeling, it ensures an objective assessment of assets. Founded in 2019, the platform leads with evolving predictive capabilities driven by UK professors overseeing the simulations on a daily basis.

Its ratings and signals help with portfolio management, trading bots and APIs. Recognized by UK government and institutions, it adapts to wider opportunities and offers insights through webinars, courses and industry reports.

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