Quick tips for car buying in 2024 – what an expert thinks

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If you’re planning on buying a car in 2024, the best way to start is to look for ways to cut down on costs. For example, you might consider buying a used car instead of a new one.

An auto-buying expert made the following observation:

“Prospective buyers should look to see if they can purchase a used car with a reliable car report and parts history,” Meniane said. He said that today, many pre-owned vehicles offer excellent performance at a fraction of the cost. This may be the same thing for next year.

It’s also important to be an informed buyer when heading to the dealership.

“Make sure to do your research,” Meniane said. “There is a lot to consider when purchasing a vehicle, and buyers should leverage online resources like car comparison tools, customer reviews and expert opinions to make the most informed decision.”

Finally, the advice is – be realistic about how much car you can actually afford and all of the factors that play into that cost.

“Be mindful of the total cost of ownership, including maintenance, fuel efficiency and insurance rates,” Meniane said. “Some cars may have a lower sticker price but higher long-term costs because they use more fuel, require more frequent maintenance or are known to have worse security/anti-theft protections.”

Sometimes, the problem is that we fail to ask questions. The best tip here is that you should ask enough questions to help you make the final best decision.

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