Revolutionary cryptoactive with immediate practical effects

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With the new regulatory framework for cryptoactives, the Information Technology segment focused on creating financial products has experienced a notable evolution, moving from an investment asset to a viable alternative means of payment for everyday transactions.

Following international trends, BDM DIGITAL (Bônus Dourado Mercantil) has emerged as one of the safest and most reliable options available, due to its ability to serve as a means of payment and the ease for the user to purchase or access certain financial products, features and services.

BDM DIGITAL was created in 2020 and its difference is that it has a broad ecosystem of companies, businesses and people that offer their services and products in exchange for this tokenized asset. It is important to highlight that the BDM DIGITAL blockchain is a 100% national platform.

But after all, what is “blockchain”? In simple terms, blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows for the secure and transparent storage of information. The BDM DIGITAL Blockchain acts as an immutable “ledger”, recording each transaction in a verifiable, transparent way and meeting the highest levels of compliance and risk prevention.

The BDM DIGITAL utility token, therefore, is encrypted and its programmers have also improved the so-called proof-of-stake (proof of participation) to validate the transaction mechanism, making the application run faster.

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