Blue Shield of California’s award-winning Wellvolution program, now more accessible to Spanish speakers

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Blue Shield of California is improving access to its award-winning Wellvolution digital health platform for Spanish speakers and expanding its programs with the addition of Dario, a high blood pressure (or hypertension) solution that combines personalized health advice and monitoring through high-tech tools.

In collaboration with Solera, more than 148,000 Blue Shield of California members are currently enrolled in Wellvolution programs focused on lifestyle medicine and mental health support. Now, the nonprofit health plan has launched a new Wellvolution website where eligible members can enroll, select their health goal, answer a health questionnaire and receive personalized program recommendations, all in Spanish.

More than 26% of Californians speak Spanish at home, and studies show that Latino communities in California often have more difficulty finding a doctor and accessing mental health services than other groups due to language barriers and lack of access to preventive care. Today’s announcement helps fill healthcare gaps and expand access to lifestyle medicine in these underserved communities.

“Our goal is to make lifestyle medicine accessible to more people, and the addition of integration and hypertension services in Spanish opens Wellvolution to those who need it,” said Angie Kalousek-Ebrahimi, Senior Director of Medicine of Blue Shield of California Lifestyle. “Wellvolution was created to offer personalized solutions that respond to individual needs, and it is only right that we continue to expand the program to reduce gaps in care and meet the needs of our diverse members.”

Wellvolution offers at least one program in Spanish for every health need the platform covers: diabetes, weight management, mental health, help to quit smoking, and hypertension.

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