Huawei pushes its tech into the EV world

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The foremost Chinese telecommunications and smartphone giant Huawei is doubling down on selling its tech in the competitive electric car (EV) market.

The company has in recent times faced hard times doing business internationally.

The company has emphasized it doesn’t manufacture cars. Instead, it sells tech components such as its Harmony OS operating system and driver-assist product, or works with automakers to create new EV brands.

It has confirmed it is working with at least four traditional automakers in China on new car brands, after news over the weekend of a joint venture with Changan Automobile for car technology.

Changan and Huawei are already partners for the Avatr electric car brand, created in 2018 with electric car battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology.

The Avatr’s SUV and sedan sell for slightly more than the equivalent of $42,000.

Huawei is also working with Chery on the Luxeed electric car brand, which revealed details for its S7 sedan this week.

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