Casio Launches Virtual Attraction Across the World of G-SHOCK

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Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of G-SHOCK THE RIDE, a virtual attraction that allows users to experience what it might be like to participate in the durability test to which Casio is subjecting the G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The virtual attraction, which resembles an amusement park, is accessible on the social virtual reality platform VRChat.

In October 2023, Casio opened a G-SHOCK virtual store on VRChat to feature metaverse-based content offering visitors customization experiences of G-SHOCK, as well as seeing how VRChat avatars look while wearing the watches they created, and more. The space is designed to serve as a point of contact between the G-SHOCK brand and new users.

Today, as part of a second VRChat-based content offering, Casio is launching G-SHOCK THE RIDE, a ride-style attraction offering users simulated experiences of futuristic durability tests of the G-SHOCK.

Although based on the durability tests of the G-SHOCK carried out at the Hamura R&D Center, the development base of the brand’s watches, G-SHOCK THE RIDE goes well beyond, with a narrative that imagines the form that these tests of sustainability could take in the future. The attraction invites users to board a G-SHOCK with their avatar as if they were riding an amusement park ride, to experience the kind of fantastical, out-of-reality immersive experiences, which are only possible in virtual reality spaces In addition to the fun that G-SHOCK THE RIDE provides, the attraction offers a space expressing the true worldview of G-SHOCK, based on reality, with the durability tests rigorous that the brand carries out to guarantee the unrivaled robustness of its watches.

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