Bybit pioneers simplicity, openness, equality in a decentralized ecosystem

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On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, Bybit, the world’s third-largest crypto exchange by volume, today unveiled a forward-looking Web3 vision that aims to create a decentralized ecosystem that is simpler, open and equal for all.

“Our Web3 vision is an extension of our promise to be the Crypto Ark platform, protecting users’ assets and seamlessly integrating them into the world of cryptocurrencies. We want to transfer more users from Web2 to Web3 by building a decentralized ecosystem that is simpler, open and equal for everyone,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit.

The mission and values ​​of the Bybit Web3 network: openness in a new form

At the core of the Web3 vision from the Bybit exchange is a commitment to openness. Bybit is supposed to be open to all creators, creatives and partners in the blockchain field. This translates into a commitment to collaborate, explore and innovate with our community and partners to build an environment where blockchain technology empowers everyone equally.

The goal of Bybit is to connect and unify currently separate systems into a unified environment that will seamlessly connect users across various Web3 ecosystems, platforms and services.

Unlocking the promise of Web3

Bybit’s strategic approach to achieving its Web3 vision is multifaceted and includes initiatives in infrastructure, applications, ecosystems and its users:

Launching and simplifying access to Web3
Bybit Web3 will introduce the connection of multiple wallets, a seamless combination of simplicity with advanced technology, and will allow users to manage both custodial wallet and MPC wallets for various purposes.
Users will get easy access to dApps sites, NFT marketplaces and the entire spectrum of Web3 functions and services directly from the Bybit wallet. This simplified approach will allow users to conveniently process their DeFi portfolios, including buying, selling, trading, exchanging and depositing DeFi assets, all within a few clicks on a single platform.

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