Holiday Gift Guide Featuring Huawei’s Latest Lifestyle Tech Trends

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As the holiday season approaches, it’s time again to hit the stores to surprise your loved ones. Whether it is a gift of love and appreciation expressed at Christmas or a good luck gift to help one usher in a brand new New Year, we all want to present a gift that is practical in function but also fashionable in design. It’s often a huge struggle to find a gift that meets both, so we’ve put together a gift guide for lost shoppers who need some inspiration, starting with the latest trends in Lifestyle Tech.

Accessory with Technology: Fashionable Tech Wearables

As technology moves into various lifestyle sub-genres, it is no surprise that Tech finally formed a new sub-category in Fashion last year. We are now seeing more tech products adopt sleeker designs, creating a new “fashion tech” hybrid that is attracting more and more users. These devices not only give you a brand new look that will make you look stylish, but also help improve your life with sports, health and productivity features without compromising on style.

Huawei’s latest Fashion Forward directive has bridged the gap between fashion and technology by introducing high-end designs in its new wearables. Launched last quarter, the Huawei WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN incorporates 18K Gold elements into the classic Huawei WATCH Ultimate flagship smartwatch, with each piece of gold crafted using traditional techniques.

Huawei also recently launched the latest Huawei FreeClip, a combination of clip-on earring design and open-ear listening audio technology. Perfect for users who prefer open-ear listening experiences, Huawei FreeClip allows users to break a sweat during exercise while enjoying breathable and comfortable headphones. At the same time, the sleek exterior makes the headphones versatile enough to be used anywhere between a workout session at the gym or a casual day out on the town.

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