Here are data privacy risks in child-targeted Android apps

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Here’s a research that looked into data privacy risks apps for children worldwide. It is well noted that many children apps lack transparency in the data safety and privacy practices.

The research was carried out by Incogni, a company really advanced when it comes to appreciating data and privacy issues.

According to tech enthusiasts, these apps may be engaging in invasive practices, potentially exposing children to exploitative advertising or criminal activity.

10 of these apps were examined from about 59 countries. The research discovered that half of the apps collect massive data from children, while they were not strictly following best data privacy guidelines.

A big problem here is the lack of adequate parental supervision or control. This facilitates the exposure of children’s data not only for marketing purposes but of malicious and criminal activities targeted to children.

It was discovered that out of 74 apps, 34 were collecting user data and 21 were sharing data without the user being aware of it.

The researchers listed the names of the apps in a blog post.

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