Autos among top 5 things Nigerians import

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I wasn’t surprised when I first saw this import list. I may decide to go into the business of importing goods or exporting one day, so it’s good to know something about that industry.

A close look at the box shows that petrol is the number one thing on the list; yes that’s something no Nigerian can do without.

Then there’s gas oil. That too is alright.

The next baffles me. Durum wheat. What da hell is that? I wonder because I don’t know what durum means.

Can sugar is okay, it’s just a play on words.

Then used vehicles. Hmmm… Nigerians are really importing used cars. Take a look at the item number five.

Rank Product % of import Import cost
1. Motor spirit ordinary 22.71% N1,921.03 billion
2. Gas oil 8.71% N736.66 billion
3. Durum wheat 3.92% N331.76 billion
4. Cane sugar 1.86% N157.34 billion
5. Used vehicles 1.64% N135.82 billion
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