Crypto: Trader Turns $1K Into $100K on Solana

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Turning $1,000 to $100,000 isn’t something that happens every day. However, it is something that can happen.

It has just been reported that a trader was able to turn $1k well into over $100K by betting on a token whose mascot is a dog wearing a beanie.

The trader, Blockgraze, told CoinDesk how he made the massive fortune.

1. He bought the memecoin Dogwifhat also known as (WIF) late in November. He bought it because it was a funny dog.

2. The whole thing is just being idiot enough to conjure up any cryptocurrency.

3. By any luck, there could come a massive bid for it.

4. He first realized $25k and let the rest of the coins gamble in his wallet.

So, there’s the trick to it.

Anyone can do it.




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