Why do we obey even laws that we do not like?

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Why does it matter to Jehovah that we obey those who have authority over us?

Jehovah has given a measure of authority to parents, government officials, and elders. As such, it matters if we obey them. When we obey them, we are really obeying Jehovah.

Why do we obey even laws that we do not like?

Rom. 13:2 makes it clear that whoever opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God. As servants of Jehovah, we subject ourselves to the superior authorities and that is part of Jehovah’s temporary arrangement to maintain order. Therefore, we must “render to all their dues,” including taxes, respect, and obedience. We obey Jehovah, and we obey these authorities as long as they do not ask us to break his commands.

How may our obedience affect our brothers?

Our personal obedience can make the authorities view Jehovah’s Witnesses as a whole in a favorable way.

Many years ago, soldiers entered a Kingdom Hall during a congregation meeting, looking for rioters who were protesting the payment of taxes. But the officer in charge told the soldiers to leave, he told them… “Jehovah’s Witnesses are not tax agitators.” Every time we obey the law, we indirectly or even directly brotect our brothers and sisters.

What do you learn from Stephanie’s experience?

One lesson is that I should obey the instruction even if I’m unhappy about it. Looking for the positive results can really help as Stephanie saw after some time that the move aided her preaching and teaching work.

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Another reason to obey is that I should believe that the brothers entrusted in the matter are better when it comes to fully understanding the scope of the preaching work. They surely have some information an individual don’t have.

Another reason is that like Stephanie, I definitely will avoid discouragement and preserve my clear conscience when I do my best to obey

WHAT WILL MOTIVATE US TO OBEY direction from Jehovah’s organization?

The love we have for Jehovah, the need to strive and make Jehovah’s heart glad, the realization that if we obey we will be protected under his loving direction and the direction of those he has assigned over us will always move us to obey.

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