Best tips for saving fuel in your automobiles

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Petrol is very costly now. The latest administration in Nigeria has removed subsidy, and the cost of a litre of petrol rose from 97 naira to almost 600 naira.

As such, you’like to know how you can manage fuel in your auto tank and save more money while using your car.

Take note of the next few quick tips that can help you economize.

When you’re driving, fuel consumption is less with airconditioner on, provided you maintain a speed limit of about 80km/hr.

Driving with the windows down at high speed, which causes wind resistance, leads to more fuel consumption. So, try to avoid that.

The more loads in the car, the more it consumes fuel. Refuse to add materials you don’t need in the car. Clear your booth of junks.

Maintaining a steady speed of 50 to 90km/hr on the highways gives you optimal fuel economy.

If the tyres are under-inflated by 10 psi, it could reduce fuel efficiency by up to nine to 10 per cent.

As much as you can, avoid stop-start traffic because it can put a lot of pressure on your engine, thus increase fuel consumption.

Avoid hard acceleration when moving your car from complete stop or climbing hills. This can increase fuel consumption too.

Don’t leave the engine running idle for more than three minutes.

Regular car servicing keeps your car in good shape, and this helps to maintain its efficiency.

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