LG action transforms uniforms into 300 blankets for people in socially vulnerable situations

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LG Electronics do Brasil promoted an action that will warm families in situations of social vulnerability, collecting the uniforms used by the promoters and sending them to a company specialized in solving social and environmental problems that reuses fabrics and turns them into blankets. In total, LG do Brasil collected more than 1,500 pieces, totaling 300 kilos of fabric that were transformed into 300 blankets.
LG transformed into blankets for the Chaparral community, in São Paulo.

The initiative is part of the brand’s ESG management strategy and engaged employees and suppliers from hundreds of LG points of sale who embraced the idea and helped the company achieve environmental and social goals. The thousands of pieces were destined for Retalhar, a B company that responsibly manages textile waste through innovative and inclusive solutions for reusing fabrics. By reducing the amount of waste, the initiative helps reduce the exploitation of natural resources for the production of raw materials, generating a positive socio-environmental impact.

With the uniforms donated by LG, Retalhar produced 300 blankets for people in socially vulnerable situations in the Chaparral community, in the East Zone of the capital of São Paulo. The materials collected also yielded other pieces, such as industrial cloths, eco bags and other environmentally friendly items. “ESG is a flag that LG raises with great pride. We are a company that looks responsibly at our surroundings, at the resources and at the people who believe in our brand. This action makes us happy to combine action and practice, taking care of the planet and impact families in situations of social vulnerability.”, says Sonah Lee, head of Marketing and ESG at LG do Brasil.

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LG do Brasil’s Marketing Budget manager, Thiago Henrique, was responsible for making the collection of uniforms possible. “The participation of Spot, LG’s partner trade marketing agency, was essential to the success of the action, bringing together pieces at points of sale across the country. We are already thinking about new activities for the correct disposal of waste and new forms of collaboration with the society and the environment”, he says.

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