New Year’s Deals with Turbo VPN

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This festive season, Innovative Connecting is thrilled to announce its special Christmas and New Year offer with Turbo VPN, an acclaimed VPN service designed to enhance people’s online entertainment and security experience. As the world gears up for the joyous occasions of Christmas and New Year, Turbo VPN is here to ensure people’s online activities remain secure and unrestricted.

Secure online entertainment

The holiday season sees a spike in online activity, with more people sharing on social networks, streaming videos, playing games, and shopping online. Turbo VPN offers a safe and private environment for all your entertainment needs, allowing people to enjoy the festive season without any security concerns.

Turbo VPN key features

  • Global resource access: With over 21,000 servers in more than 50 countries, Turbo VPN offers unrestricted access to a world of content. Whether it’s streaming your favorite holiday movie or accessing international content, Turbo VPN removes geographic barriers with ease.
  • Robust online security: Turbo VPN guarantees your online safety with bank-level encryption and protocols like IPSec and OpenVPN. Browse and access content anonymously while keeping your data safe, especially on public Wi-Fi connections.
  • Incredibly fast internet speed: The Turbo Speed feature provides a smooth online experience during the holiday, whether it’s reducing game ping or improving latency.
  • Multi-device support: One Turbo VPN account covers up to 5 devices simultaneously, compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chrome. This flexibility allows you to sync all your devices.
  • 24/7 live support: Turbo VPN’s support team is always ready to assist with its round-the-clock customer service.
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A seasonal VPN deal

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, Turbo VPN is offering an exceptional deal – up to 65% off its services. Additionally, in a groundbreaking collaboration with TikTok, new users can enjoy an exclusive first month’s subscription for just $0.99. This offer reflects the spirit of the season, ensuring that everyone can access high-quality VPN services at an affordable price.

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