Space heaters or not? Find out a better way

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It is time for the temperatures to drop even more at this time of the year.

Are you making use of space heaters?

It can be good but are there other nice ideas for keeping warm?

People turning to space heaters for warmth in drafty homes or too clod office buildings may not only depend on just space heaters.

In case they can’t avoid it, there could be nothing to be done. If they can avoid it, it’s good because they certainly will be rid of common dangers such as energy guzzling, and fire risks.

Here are few things to note

1. Sealing up leaks is a much better way to improve efficiency of your building and heating system. You also get to save up on energy costs. It’s a sure-fire way to provide additional warmth during winter.

2. Electric blanket can also help. It’s a simple and safer means of providing heat. The device isn’t expensive, and it’s energy efficient. Most importantly, it’s much safer than space heaters.

3. Like electric blankets, heated food warmer works in well-balanced manner. It doesn’t draw large amounts of energy like space heaters. Neither does it carry the risk of setting the house on fire.

Why avoid space heaters?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission claimed that portable heaters are part of the reasons an average of 1,700 fires break out in homes every year. About 70 deaths occur from those fires.

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