B2 Unitree redefines industrial quadruped robotics

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On November 3, Unitree Robotics launched its new industrial quadruped robot, B2.

As a leading force in the industry, the industrial quadruped robot offered by Unitree has been upgraded based on B1 with a full range of upgrades, including full load capacity, reach capacity, movement, speed, etc., allowing it to play a role in more application scenarios.

1. The fastest industrial-grade quadruped robot
The speed of B2 has been significantly improved, with a moving speed of over 6 m/s, making it the fastest industrial quadruped robot on the market. At the same time, it has a maximum jumping distance of up to 1.6 m.

2. Continuous load increased by 100%, endurance increased by 200%
The maximum standing load capacity of B2 reaches 120kg, the continuous walking load is more than 40kg with an increase of 100%; continuous walking with a load of 20 kg lasts more than 4 hours with a mileage of more than 15 km and the endurance is increased by 200%; the continuous walking endurance without load is more than 5 hours with the mileage more than 20 km. This means the B2 is capable of carrying heavy loads, performing delivery tasks or working continuously for long periods of time.

3. Powerful joint performance increased by 170% thanks to a torque of 360 N.m
With a maximum torque of 360 N.m, a 170% increase in performance, the B2 offers increased flexibility and stability in industrial operations.

4. Stable and sturdy, it adapts to various environments
The B2 has superb obstacle crossing ability and can easily pass through various obstacles, providing an excellent solution for dealing with complex environments. In addition, the B2 also has off-road adaptability and can walk stably on slippery or extreme terrain.

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