Earn rewards, free drinks with new app

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A company called Human Bean drive-thru coffee franchise has launched a new rewards app.

Human Bean was already founded in 1998. It came with a mission to inspire authentic human connections with a bean on top.

It has a reputation for friendly baristas, a high-quality coffee with innovative flavors that stretches over the last quarter century.

Now, it has been simplified and strenthened to offer faster rewards and these will come more frequently.

The is only available now in the United States.

The creators say that customers will be able to earn rewards per dollar spent, and that depends on the level they are on. The rewards they earn will be called ‘beans’ on food and drink purchases.

Each app user will also receive other perks, says Scott Anderson, the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

The app can now be downloaded on Apple Store or Google Play. Current app users need to update and activate their accounts to enjoy benefits.

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