Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season with attractive winnings format

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Thetan Rivals launches a Rivals Tournament: Pre-season that welcomes all players from around the world. Participants in this tournament will have many chances to win big prizes in USDT or THG.

Why you shouldn’t miss Rivals Tournament: Preseason

Inspired by the famous Korean series, Squid Game, Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season challenges players to qualify through various stages of Thetan Rivals to win the grand prize. Each player needs to have the best record to have a chance at winning the biggest prize. Remember there will only be one champion.

Additionally, attendees will be able to experience other intriguing and unique activities and events.

Tournament Format – Play and be the fastest

First, players participate in the qualifying phase to find out who will advance to the official phase. After players pass the qualifying stage, there will be 9 stages with different maps and Thenions needed for them to conquer. Each stage must be completed in the shortest time possible so that players can move on to the next stage, and their records will be displayed on the leaderboard.

And the most important thing is that registration for the tournament is free…

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