Patients learn to better manage their health, chronic conditions

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An AI patient engagement MediKarma, recently recently entered into a strategic partnership with Arkos Health on a six-month value-based care pilot program with the goal of generating healthier outcomes for individuals using MediKarma’s patient learning and engagement platform.

Patients will have access to a user-friendly dashboard including a digital twin, a health score that responds to changes in health and activity, and a voice-activated healthcare assistant named Jill AI.

MediKarma features offer real-time insights into a patient’s current health status as well as a personalized preventive care and wellness plan to support their health care journey from a position of knowledge and encouragement.

The health platform correlates thousands of live and historical health records to give you an objective assessment of your health and its behavior over time.

Arkos Health on its part, provides patient-centered services and personalized programs through proprietary technology combined with clinical programs and social services for a seamless transition to value-based care.

These organizations are leveraging Arkos’s 360 health application in combination with MediKarma’s AI-powered preventive healthcare and wellness platform to serve as a guide for pilot program participants as they work to manage their health and improve their chronic health issues.

However, for providers, these advanced insights generated around a patient’s current health levels elevate their ability to proactively identify changes to their medical conditions at any point and when needed, create a seamless opportunity to intervene and make necessary treatment changes.

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