Great Potential of mmWave Radar Indoor Sensing

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mmWave radar technology is rapidly gaining momentum as the preferred option for indoor human detection applications. It is empowering many aspects of smart life, because of several advantages, including strong privacy protection, contactless sensing, and precise detection capabilities, as well as its rich functions of vital sign monitoring, human tracking, posture recognition, and more.

The Calterah Indoor Human Point Cloud SDK based on Rhine SoCs has been released. It is meant to facilitate customers to utilize the Rhine mmWave radar SoCs to expand the market of indoor mmWave radar applications such as smart home, elderly care, and smart office.

This SDK uses the Rhine SDK architecture and integrates an indoor human detection module. Thanks to the radar signal processing baseband integrated in Rhine SoCs and Calterah’s proprietary indoor radar signal processing algorithms, the indoor human detection module can yield rich and high-quality point clouds with powerful sensing.

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