“SERAPH: In the Darkness,” – The Chaos Legacy Test

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 “SERAPH: In the Darkness,” is a highly anticipated dark-themed ARPG built on the Arbitrum One blockchain. Now, it has recently concluded its third round of closed testing, that’s called the “Chaos Legacy Test.”

The 30-day test began in November 22, 2023 not only validated the game’s unique economic model and gameplay but also ensured the preservation of players’ NFT equipment and fashion items, which will live permanently on Arbitrum One.

The Chaos Legacy Test focused on validating the practical economic model of the game. During the testing, the development team maintained a rapid update frequency, continuously fixing game bugs and promptly adjusting the economic model and gameplay issues.

After the test concluded, there was a significant increase in the floor price of NFT assets released by Seraph – reaching 3.5 ETH, reflecting the enthusiastic support of the player community and their confidence in the future development of the game.

Key data highlights from this test was up to 5,400 activated accounts, 10,000 created characters, and a significant increase in the number of high-level characters.

Additionally, the average daily online duration of players reached seven hours, indicating high player engagement. The player retention rates were robust, particularly with day-two retention of 89.45%, day-14 retention of 45.37%, and day-30 retention of 33.52%, emphasizing the game’s appeal and player loyalty.

As a game developed on the classic gameplay of the golden era of dark-themed ARPGs, the game SERAPH offers players a series of interesting gameplay options for equipment collection, refinement, enhancement and character building, integrated with more innovative MMO elements.

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These include Leaderboard Ranking, PvP, and multiplayer team-ups, enhancing the game’s playability and social interaction. Notably, the game is free to play (F2P) and provides opportunities for players to earn through gameplay.

Players can enjoy a comprehensive and high-quality gaming experience in SERAPH, with a user-friendly UI, optimized trading system, familiar social experiences, and much more, reflecting the commitment of the SERAPH project team to a sustainable and healthy blockchain gaming economy.

In terms of player geographic distribution, players from the Greater China region and the broader Chinese-speaking community accounted for the highest proportion at 48 percent, followed by Southeast Asia and South America. North America and Europe also gradually rose in the latter half of the test, helping enthusiasts to see the global popularity of SERAPH.

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